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Venezuela Marka Foundation's Latest Endeavors & Feature on 'The Horse’s Mouth'

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The Venezuela Marka Foundation has always been at the forefront of promoting Venezuelan culture and heritage, bridging gaps, and creating community bonds.

Our commitment to cultural celebration, awareness, and education has seen us engage in myriad activities and events that shine a spotlight on the vibrant tapestry that is Venezuelan culture. In our latest series of initiatives and collaborations, we've achieved new milestones and garnered wider recognition.

Dance, Stillness, Education, and Outreach

Through our Dance Programs, expertly led by Katherine Durand, we've been giving participants an intimate look into traditional Venezuelan dance forms. These sessions offer more than just movement; they are a tribute to our rich history and a celebration of our shared heritage.

Our new "Stillness" program addresses mental well-being, emphasizing mindfulness and meditation. The practices within these sessions are inspired by Venezuelan traditions, intertwining culture with mental tranquility.

Recognizing the importance of language in cultural preservation, we've rolled out Spanish classes, welcoming those who wish to immerse themselves in the language, and English classes, facilitating smoother integration for Venezuelan natives in English-speaking environments.

Furthermore, our College Application Assistance initiative continues to empower students, guiding them through the often daunting process of college admissions. Meanwhile, our Outreach Programs have extended a hand to schools, nursing homes, and other non-profits to spread knowledge and appreciation of Venezuelan culture.

For those interested in knowing more about our programs, collaborations, or supporting our mission, we welcome you to connect with us. Together, we can continue this beautiful dance of celebrating, preserving, and sharing Venezuelan culture.

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