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Dance Programs

Led by Katherine Durand, the artistic director, these programs probably focus on the rich traditional Venezuelan dance forms, providing a vibrant platform for cultural expression and unity within the community.

College Application Assistance

Overseen directly by Maria Kellermann, the president of the foundation, this initiative provides students with valuable guidance and support throughout the complex college application process.

The Venezuela Marka Foundation was born from a shared dream in Jacksonville, Florida. Our mission is to foster community and cultural identity, celebrating the unique legacy of Venezuela. Founded by Maria Kellermann, with Katherine Durand infusing Venezuelan dance into our programs, Marilu Uzcategui offering free vocational training in traditional arts, and Flor Diaz providing college application assistance, we've ignited a strong sense of community. Our initiatives and events have highlighted our remarkable heritage, made a mark on our community, and symbolized the unity and tradition of Venezuelan culture. Our foundation is a testament to Venezuela's enduring legacy

Vocational Training in Traditional Arts

Spearheaded by Marilu Uzcategui, the Costume and Design Director, these programs offer free vocational training in the traditional arts and crafts of Venezuela. They aim to equip community members with employable skills, contributing to local economic growth while preserving cultural heritage.

Cultural Events

The Foundation likely hosts various events to celebrate and raise awareness of Venezuelan culture, utilizing dance and other artistic mediums to engage the community and promote cultural heritage.

Outreach Programs

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