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Venezuela Marka Foundation Participates in Amazon JAX 7 Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Jacksonville, FL – [09/20/23] - Venezuela Marka Foundation, a notable pillar in upholding and promoting Venezuelan culture in Jacksonville, proudly participated in the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at Amazon's JAX 7 warehouse yesterday.

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The foundation, known for its commitment to fostering cultural identity and a sense of belonging among Venezuelans, showcased a vibrant blend of traditions, ensuring Amazon employees had a memorable experience honoring Hispanic culture.

Venezuela Marka at amazon

Maria Kellermann, the foundation's founder, expressed her gratitude: "We are deeply honored to have been a part of Amazon's Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to share the rich Venezuelan culture with a broader audience and to highlight the diversity and unity that Hispanic Heritage Month stands for."

Amazon's JAX 7 warehouse team was equally thrilled. "It's imperative for us at Amazon to celebrate the diverse backgrounds that make our team unique. Venezuela Marka Foundation's participation brought authenticity and passion to our celebration," remarked [Lilly Mendez].

The event is a testament to Venezuela Marka Foundation's under the Artistic Direction of Katherine Durand and its continuous efforts to bridge cultural gaps and share Venezuelan heritage with the broader community. As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, the foundation invites everyone to learn more, engage, and participate in their numerous cultural initiatives.


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