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Recruitkare Announces Generous Donation to the Venezuela Marka Foundation

JACKSONVILLE, FL – September 21, 2023 – Recruitkare, a leading talent search service provider in the Jacksonville area, is proud to announce a significant donation to the Venezuela Marka Foundation. This heartfelt contribution is led by Karla Alfonzo, a proud Venezuelan and entrepreneur at the helm of Recruitkare.

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Ms. Alfonzo's deep roots in Venezuela and her passion for making a difference drive this donation. "Being able to support causes close to our hearts and the communities that have shaped us is a true privilege," says Alfonzo. "Venezuela Marka Foundation's work is essential, and we are thrilled to contribute to their mission."

Recruitkare has been a beacon of excellence in the talent search arena, boasting over 15 years of unrivaled success. Serving a diverse client base, the firm specializes in socioeconomic needs across finance, accounting, HR, and office support. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Recruitkare is more than just a recruitment agency. It stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication Karla Alfonzo and her team bring to understanding their clients and candidates deeply.

The company’s mission revolves around the principle of genuinely "karing." Their goal is to unite the perfect blend of candidates and clients, recognizing the profound impact careers have on individual lives. In line with this mission, the donation to the Venezuela Marka Foundation mirrors the essence of what Recruitkare stands for—building strong communities and supporting causes that make a difference.

Recruitkare's donation will aid the Venezuela Marka Foundation in its ongoing endeavors to improve the conditions and prospects of many in need. As the world continues to change, the bond between businesses and the communities they serve grows ever more crucial. Today, Recruitkare and the Venezuela Marka Foundation stand united in their vision for a brighter, more prosperous future.

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