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venezuela marka fundation



These programs not only ensure that the Venezuela Marka Foundation continues to engage with and give back to its community, but also help to spread the joy and benefits of dance to a wider audience.

  • "Marka Moves" Community Dance Classes: Free dance classes offered in local parks and community centers to inspire people to take up dance and appreciate the joy it brings.

  • Dance Scholarship Program: Provide scholarships to deserving students from low-income families who show promise in dance, giving them access to our top-tier classes and opportunities.

  • "Rhythm of Life" Senior Program: Weekly dance therapy sessions for senior citizens to promote health, agility, and social interaction, increasing their quality of life.

  • Cultural Exchange Dance Events: Organize events where different dance groups from various ethnic backgrounds come together to share and learn about each other's dance forms, promoting cultural understanding and unity.

  • "Dance Drive" Charity Event: Annual fundraising event where professional and student performances are showcased to raise funds for local charities or for the foundation's scholarship program.

  • In-School Dance Workshops: Collaborate with local schools to introduce dance as a form of creative expression and exercise. Provide workshops that not only teach dance but also share the cultural significance of various dance forms.

  • "Dancing Against Bullying" Program: Anti-bullying campaign that uses dance as a tool to promote respect, acceptance, and self-confidence among children and teenagers.

  • "Dance for All" Accessibility Program: Organize dance workshops and classes specifically designed for individuals with disabilities, ensuring everyone has the chance to experience the joy of dance.

  • Virtual Dance Classes: In response to the needs of those who cannot physically attend classes, offer virtual dance lessons to ensure that everyone has access to dance education.

  • Community Performance Opportunities: Provide performance opportunities at local events and festivals, giving students a chance to showcase their talent and engage with their local community.

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