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Venezuela Marka Foundation Shines at World of Nations 2024 in Jacksonville

The Venezuela Marka Foundation proudly announces its participation in the World of Nations 2024 event, organized by the City of Jacksonville, as a distinguished guest of the Association of Venezuelans in Jacksonville (AVEJAX). This annual cultural celebration, held on February 24th and 25th, brought together diverse communities to celebrate global unity and diversity.

As a cultural ambassador, the Venezuela Marka Foundation showcased the rich tapestry of Venezuelan heritage through vibrant dance performances, captivating audiences with their passion and artistry. From traditional folk dances to contemporary expressions, the foundation delighted attendees with a dynamic display of talent and energy.

"We are honored to have been part of the World of Nations 2024 event alongside AVEJAX, representing the beauty and diversity of Venezuelan culture," said Maria Kellermann, Executive Director of the Venezuela Marka Foundation. "Dance has the power to transcend borders and unite communities, and it was a privilege to share our passion for dance with the people of Jacksonville."

Throughout the event, the Venezuela Marka Foundation engaged with attendees, offering dance workshops, interactive sessions, and cultural exchanges. Participants had the opportunity to learn about Venezuelan traditions, music, and dance styles, fostering greater understanding and appreciation for the country's cultural heritage.

"We are grateful to the City of Jacksonville and AVEJAX for their warm welcome and support," added Maria Kellermann. "Events like World of Nations remind us of the importance of celebrating diversity and fostering cultural exchange. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AVEJAX and sharing the joy of dance with communities around the world."

The Venezuela Marka Foundation extends its gratitude to all participants, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who contributed to the success of their participation in World of Nations 2024.

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