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Venezuela Marka Foundation Illuminates Bolles Lower School's International Festival

Embracing and celebrating the diverse tapestry of cultures is paramount in our interconnected world. Bolles Lower School at the Ponte Vedra Beach Campus recognized this essential truth and showcased it splendidly during its third annual International Festival on October 11.

A pivotal moment of the event was the vibrant performance by dancers from the Venezuela Marka Foundation. As they took the stage during the opening ceremony in George Hall, their energetic display captivated the audience, drawing everyone into the richness of Venezuelan culture. Through their intricate dance moves, each step and turn told stories of tradition, celebration, and the very essence of Venezuela.

This captivating performance wasn't merely an act; it was a testament to the foundation's commitment to promoting and preserving Venezuelan cultural heritage. For those present, it offered a unique opportunity to witness and appreciate the depth and vibrancy of Venezuelan traditions, resonating perfectly with the festival's spirit of global unity and understanding.

The International Festival at Bolles Lower School underscored the importance of fostering a culturally inclusive environment, and the Venezuela Marka Foundation was proud to play a central role in this endeavor. Here's to many more opportunities to share, celebrate, and enlighten communities about the beautiful intricacies of Venezuelan culture.

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