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A Dance of Dreams: Venezuela Marka Foundation's Heartfelt Performance at América Viva

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

October 27th will forever be etched in the memory of Venezuela Marka Foundation's history. On this day, we had the distinct privilege of participating in the mesmerizing "América Viva" event held at the renowned Adrianne Arsht Center in Miami.

Venezuela Marka America Viva

Under the brilliant artistic Dance Director of Daniela Tugues, our students delivered a performance that was both heartfelt and captivating. Daniela's vision, paired with the Artistic Direction of Carolina Lizarraga, helped channel the vibrant spirit of America's culture, casting a spell on the audience with every move.

We cannot overlook the operational prowess displayed by Alessandra Torres and Mayte Ponte. Their seamless coordination and unwavering support ensured that every aspect of our participation went off without a hitch.

Venezuela Marka America Viva

Completing this memorable experience was the phenomenal New Land Theatricals & América Viva Alliance team, whose expertise and dedication played an instrumental role in the event's success.

As we reflect on this momentous occasion, our hearts swell with gratitude. We extend our deepest appreciation to the organizers of América Viva for giving our students such an invaluable platform to showcase their talent. It was not just a celebration of dance and culture but a testament to the enduring spirit of community, passion, and shared dreams.

To everyone who contributed to this unforgettable day — thank you. Your faith in our mission and commitment to nurturing the next generation ensures that the rich tapestry of culture continues to shine brightly for years to come.

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